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Just like we need to protect ourselves from various kinds of infectious insects that could affect our health, in a similar manner.

we need to protect our portable computers and laptops from getting infected with viruses, malware, Trojans and alike. Since there are so many antivirus solutions available In the market which provide the much-needed security features, it is difficult to choose one.
But, the most recommended among many types of software is Norton that you can easily get at Speaking about its quality features and functions, we don’t need to discuss much as everyone is familiar with the same. Its high-tech antivirus qualities such as smart two-way firewall, two-factor authentication features, VPN technology, and many more such features have made it the world’s one of the most recommended antivirus solutions.
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Some notable features
of Norton security

Without giving it another thought, go and get your devices protected before it is too late. In the following sections, we have discussed some of the notable features of Norton along with the steps to deploy it. In this list, you will find various highlighting points, why must you deploy Norton at the earliest.

  1. 1. One-stop solution to protect your digital world
  2. 2. Keeps you protected from viruses, spyware, malware, and other such threats
  3. 3. Along with maintaining your privacy, it warns you of unsafe websites and suspicious online-activities
  1. 4. You also get the benefit of transferring your license from one device to another
  2. 5. On top of that, you can also add multiple devices in the list of protected devices.
  3. 6. You can protect multiple devices depending upon the type of your Norton subscription.
  1. 7. Using some of its high-tech beneficial features, you can easily track down lost or stolen smart devices
  2. 8. Moreover, your entire family can surf the Internet without worrying about identity-theft and such crimes
  3. 9. “Virus protection promise” is something that one cannot ignore

You just learnt about some of the significance features of the antivirus solution. It is pretty much likely that you will also install it on
your computer or laptop after getting to know all of them.


Pre-requisites for deploying
Norton Security

These are some of the pre-requisites that are required if you wish to install Norton on your device. Before continuing further, make sure that your PC is meeting all these requirements.

  1. 1. You must purchase a valid Norton subscription from
  2. 2. The device which you are going to protect by using Norton must meet all the system specifications
  1. 3. A 25-digit product key to download and activate the product
  2. 4. You must sign up to create an account that has to be linked with Norton
  1. 5. Your device should have ample storage space to occupy the downloaded file
  2. 6. Last but not least, your device must receive a proper Internet connection

Now, let us learn how to download, install, and activate Norton

How To Download
01 Sign in to your Norton account by clicking on the “Norton Sign In” option from the homepage 02 Those who do not have an account can click on the “Create account” option
03 After signing in, tap on “Enter a new product key” 04 Here you have to input the 25-digit code which is necessary for the product deployment
05 Now, you will be taken to a page where you have to decide whether you wish to subscribe for auto-renewal services or not 06 If yes, then click on the “Continue” option and if no, then click on the “skip” option
07 Read the End User License Agreement and tap on “Agree” 08 Finally, hit the “Download” option
09 Else, click on “Send a Download link” if you wish to deploy Norton on a device other than you are using
Norton Setup Installation
01 To begin the installation process, locate the downloaded Norton file 02 You may find it in the “Downloads” folder or use the search box for the same
03 Tap twice on the file and click “Install” 04 Hit the “Continue” button, when prompted by the UAC
05 Follow the instructions to complete the installation 06 After this, move to the activation process
Activate The Product For Ultimate Usage
01 To activate the product, click on the icon of Norton 02 Hit the option that says “Open” from the “My Norton” window of
03 Now, you will be redirected to the window where you have to click on “Activate Now” 04 After this, type the product key in the given space
05 Finally, hit “Next” to complete the Norton activation 06 Your Norton product is now ready for the ultimate usage and to perform its virus detection and removal function.

Now that you have learned the steps to download the antivirus product via, you can start protecting your device.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Do not download nu16 from any other site except as other sites are not authentic and may install malicious software on your computer. Your PC or laptop is now safe from malware and your PC’s health will intelligently monitored by Norton Utilities 16.

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