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Here you will learn everything that is related to Norton account.

Are you looking out for a place where you can easily manage your account activities without getting into many hurdles? If yes, then Norton myaccount is one such place from where you can easily manage your subscriptions, licenses, product key, login and install your software. If you do not have this account, then you can never get started with your product. So, in this tutorial, we are going to learn how can we create and link an account with Norton.
create norton account

How to create a
Norton account?

If you are new to Norton and wish to create a Norton account at Norton my account portal, then you may follow the steps given below. Make sure you do not skip any step and follow them all correctly in order to avoid future hurdles.

  1. 1. To create a Norton account, initiate by going to
  2. 2. Now, tap on the Sign-in option on the login page.
  3. 3. Further, you need to tap on Create an account option.
  1. 4. On the sign-up page, enter the necessary details.
  2. 5. After entering the email address, enter a password.
  3. 6. These details will be needed at the time of logging in at
  1. 7. Further, you need to choose your region and then go to the next step.
  2. 8. Read the privacy policy carefully.
  3. 9. If you agree to it, then click I Agree.

Finally, tap on Create account to complete the signup process and you are all set to explore the world of Norton.

login norton myaccount portal

How do I log in to Norton
my account portal?

To do anything related to Norton, you have to log in to your account by following the instructions given below. But make sure you follow them correctly.

  1. 1. Using your preferred web browser, go to login
  2. 2. Else, go to and click on Sign in option.
  3. 3. Further, you will be redirected to the Welcome to Norton page.
  1. 4. When the sign-in tab opens, you need to enter a few details.
  2. 5. Here, you need to enter the correct email address and provide the password.
  1. 6. Further, click on the Sign-in button and complete the on-screen prompts
  2. 7. When you are done, you are ready to explore your Norton product.

Trouble logging in?
Fix it now

Error message- “A network error is preventing access to your Norton account…”. This issue usually arises due to temporary network connectivity problems. Such types of issues can also happen if your computer goes into hibernation mode and so on. To fix this problem, check the Internet connectivity and also try signing in to the Norton account website from a different web browser.

trouble logging in
  1. 1. First of all, pen your device and start your web browser.
  2. 2. From the web browser connect to the following website:
  1. 3. In case you are unable to connect to the website, go to the next step.
  2. 4. In case you are unable to connect to the Internet, contact your Internet service provider.
  1. 5. Those of you who are unable to sign in to your Norton account from the web, then restart your computer and try again from Norton.
  2. 6. The users who cannot sign in to the Norton account. After this, you need to wait for an hour and then try signing in from Norton once again
Forgot your Norton password? (Reset now)
01 Go to the login page of and click on the Forgot Password option. 02 When is the Having Trouble Signing In? Page opens, you need to enter your email address.
After this click on the Continue button.
03 After this click on the Continue button. 04 Now, you will receive an email with reset password instructions.
05 Further, you need to open that email and then click on the Reset Password button. 06 On the new page that appears, enter a new password for your Norton account and go to the next step.
07 Now, you have to click on the Reset Password button. 08 In the end, you can finally tap on the Continue button.
09 Try to access your account using Norton login credentials.
Update information in Norton My Account portal
01 Billing information 02 Automatic Renewal Service
03 Recovery email address 04 email address
05 account password 06 and email preferences
Steps to update information in Norton account
01 Sign In to the Norton account from Norton my account portal. 02 To update your Credit Card details, under Billing Information, you need to type in any information that you want to update.
03 After this, you need to tap on the Save button. 04 Further, you will see a message saying “Update successful”.
05 This is displayed when you save changes. 06 You will also receive a notification email on your registered email about the confirmation.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Once you are done, you can access your account from anywhere in the world using these credentials. You can also update other credentials that are mentioned in the previous section by using this method. Hopefully, this article has covered everything you wanted to know about the Norton account. For further information, you can visit the official website of Norton.

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