How to Get Rid of Norton Backup Error?

Backing up your files and folders is of paramount importance to prevent anything unusual that includes considerable risk of data prevention. It is an indisputable fact that the online world has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Our social and professional lives have been influenced deeply by their presence. We depend on it exactly the way a drug addict depends on his/her daily dose, despite realizing its long-term consequences.

Norton Backup Error

We’ve committed ourselves to the pleasures of the digital world that the fact of it plaguing our real-life escapes our mind the moment we get online. We simply ignore that the digital world is prone to security breaches, malware threats, virus attacks and all sorts of unethical practices led by cybercriminals in their pursuit to trick users out of their money.

These activities intend to rob and abuse the confidential data of users, deserting their hopes to retain their private moments anytime soon. Apart from this, cybercriminals can blackmail you for ransom by misusing your images, private and professional data, resulting in a great loss of respect and money.

Norton Online Backup Service

To prevent or threat any such attempt quickly, you can download and install Norton setup via Aside from protecting your online data, Norton helps you to backup your data without letting you install any third-party software. With Norton Online Backup Services, you can keep your irreplaceable files and folder, digital images and videos safe from virus attacks and accidental errors.

It lets you back up your data against hard drive crashes and system failure. However, it has its own downsides, and one of the issues occurs when you run a backup to a local storage media. The messages it displays – “There is a Backup Problem”.

The backup error may leave you helpless and unprepared to deal with the issue. To troubleshoot Norton backup error, just follow the instructions mentioned below or visit

At the Initial Phase – Create a new backup Norton setup

  1. Double-click the Norton icon on the desktop and go to the “Settings”.
  2. Under the “detailed settings” tab, select “Back Up” settings.
  3. Click Configure, located next to “Manage Backup” Button.
  4. On the summary tab, click “Create a new backup set placed” under the tab that says “Things you can do”.
  5. Give a name for your new backup set.
  6. Click “OK”.
  7. Under the “What” tab, check “my documents” or the drives listed under backup sources.
  8. Select the file category you want to back up from under the “file type”.
  • Ignore the step, if you do not want any specific file to be backed up.
  • Click “add and exclude files and folders” if you want to insert additional files and then click “Include File or “Include Folder” to choose the same.
  1. In the “Where” tab, please ensure the exact destination where you want to keep your data.
  2. Click “Save Settings” and then run the backup.

In the next phase – Delete your old backup set

  1. Go to the Norton Icon, double-click it and then, go to “Settings”.
  2. Now, under detailed settings, go to the “Backup settings”.
  3. Click “Configure available” just next to “Manage Backup” Button.
  4. On the Summary tab, open the Backup Set Name drop-down list and select the backup set you want to remove or delete.
  5. Click “Delete Backup Set” under the tab that says, “Things you can do”.
  6. Now, delete backup set under Delete Backup set Window
  7. Click “Yes”
  8. Congratulations, it’s done.

In the End,

If you find it difficult to follow the steps, then contact Norton Customer Support via for technical assistance.

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